Xert could not forcast taper week

I have been following xert Forecast AI bet plans for an event in May but today when I tried to “Adapt Forecst” i Got an error saying Xert “could not create Taper week”.

Also see there are errors for estimate hours are more than avilibility.

Any help?


Sorry I don’t have an answer but I’m getting the same error now. I’ve tried changing my availability, removing pinned workouts but this error persists.

I found a fix. Change the event date to a day or two later. Run Adapt, mine worked now, and then change it bac. Seems fixed now

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I will try that!!

Same thing is happening to me and also, whenever I press the clock to change myself to available or unavailable for a certain day it shows null and doesnt let me change that, also, it doesnt let me adapt forecast.

@Craignjanet where did you change the event date? The only place I can find to change the date is under “Program” I change the date and it makes me run a full new Forecast AI. It then tells me my plan isn’t achievable and won’t let me save, even moving the event date a week later it is still having issues.

I’m wondering if there’s another spot to change the date?

I set it up as a new event and tweaked xss for the event based on past experience

Ok. Thant makes sense. I am going to leave it and keep doing what I’m doing until they come up with a fix

same for me !! :frowning:

same here “could not create tapered week” change the event date last week which worked but now it’s back. Somehow I can’t trust this stuff🙄

We’re looking into it. Cheers.


Pb is still there since a week. Impossible to have the good workouts. I hope you will give us all the days that we can’t use Xert efficiently.

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When is the target date for your event?
Have you pinned any activities to the Planner between now and the target date?

I had nothing planned. I have two events on the same weekend which clearly doenst work so I have just input one into my xert planner

In your case, you would be best off using the first event for your Forecast AI training program and setting event readiness to 1 (if possible/achievable), which will help ensure you’re adequately recovered for the second day of your target event weekend.