Xert Connect IQ how to get cadence data from Tacx Neo

I’m using the Connect IQ App with my Edge 1000 on my Tacx Neo. How can I get the cadence (and speed) data to be displayed in the Xert Connect IQ app during my workout. Both cadence and speed should be coming from my Tacx Neo.

Once this data is displayed in the Connect IQ app I assume it will also be uploaded to Garmin.

The ANT FE-C connection to the Tacx should provide speed information. We’ll have to look into how the Tacx is able to determine cadence without a separate sensor.

Ok, I connected a seperate sensor for the cadence and that works.
Still the speed is not provided by the Tacx. If I look at the status page it says : “Speed: From GPS”.
However I have turned GPS off
Also in the status page there is no info for Power.
See screenshot for more info 2017-04-24 16

Problem(s) solved:

First disabled all sensors in the sensor-pool of the Edge.
Then do a “search for all sensors” on my Edge during riding the bike on the Tacx.
My Edge found a trainer (the Neo), combi speed/cadence and a power sensor.
Just add the combi speed/cadence and the power sensor and you are ready to go.

Don’t connect the trainer sensor.

Thanks for sharing Rodney!

The Tacx NEO Smart (T2800) transmits 3 different ANT+ (and Bluetooth) signals. #1 Smart Trainer (contains FE-C control, power, speed, cadence), #2 power (like from a power meter) and #3 speed/cadence (like from a sped/cadence sensor). This can be quite confusing.