Xert Connect Iq app - Trainer menu (what is it, how does it work)

I have been using an Edge 520 running the Xert Connect Iq app outdoors and indoors for over 6 months and so far I am super happy with the experience in general. There is one thing that I am confused by. When in the app it is possible to get to a “Trainer” menu by pressing the “return” button (lower left side button) on the 520. Entering these menu options returns me straight back to the workout screen with no indictaion if something has been changed or not. What is the purpose of thes menu options “Power Control”, “Resistance”, “Off”, “Select” & “Reconnect” and how do O know if I have changed anything?

This menu is for those with Smart Trainers. You can manage how they work in your workout using this menu. If you don’t have a smart trainer, you can essentially ignore this menu.

I have a kickr core and favero assioma duo pedals. The app does a fine job of controlling the power for workouts using powermatch. Better than Zwift. It all hooks up to Zwift and Virtugo nicely with the remote player also performing well. I’m just curious as to why do some of these menu options just return me to workout screen on the 520 when I would have expected them to offer a sub menu or a choice?

You’re making the selection of which mode to operate in: Power Control (Erg mode), Resistance (Slope mode), Off (disconnect and let another app control the trainer). Select let’s you choose the trainer and Reconnect can help in some situations where the trainer is disconnected.

An I correct that in the main IQ screen there is nothing to indicate which mode one is operating in?