Xert clearly overestimating my power values

I’ve relatively new to Xert and I’m trying to incorporate it into my training. However I find that it is constantly clearly overestimating my FTP value. For instance yesterday I did a ride and performed a 390W 6 minute effort, and my FTP jumped from 314 to 330. However last week I also did some intervals, with a 3x15 min at 300W and a 4x4min at 360w which both felt quite spot on in terms of intensity, which would imply an FTP around 300W.
I’ve been trying to do some of the trainings suggested by Xert, but everytime on the endurance one for instance, I would not be able to finish them as it would feel far too hard.

I had the issue last summmer of not calibrating everytime my smart trainer, which led to some training with relatively high values (displayed power overestimated by 40W). But I have been using power meter pedals for the past 6 months and I am calibrating both the trainer and the pedals before every training, and now power matches. I also deleted in Xert most of the trainings with wrong values, but it looks like it’s still expecting me to be much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything I can do to get more reasonable estimations?


You can edit your signature settings under Account Settings, Profile.
When you click Save the LTP value will update. (No need to recalculate progression.)
If the changes are not what you expect contact support@xertonline.com and ask them to review your data and reset your signature to their recommendations.

So you felt like completely falling apart after the last interval? :hot_face: :face_with_monocle:
I don’t know about you, but I personally struggle mentally to get through with long duration threshold work.
I know I could NEVER tolerate the pain of holding my TP for 1h in a time trial, though I know I should by physically be able to do is. Im just weak :slight_smile: A 6min effort is far more “easy” in this concearn (at least for me, everybody is different in that regard)

@ridgerider2 thanks, I’ve done that. This is my rest week this week and I’ll do an FTP test by the end of the week - probably the full frontal from the Sufferfest so I can compare the values.

@ChewieLeg Then I guess it depends on your power profile as well! I’ve been doing a lot of endurance for a long time, targetting Half IM and full IM distance in triathlon. I’m starting to do more VO2 Max and sprint now as I’ve find it quite enjoyable and I started crit racing this year! (well I did one race before the lockdown ^^). So I personally find the long threshold workouts ok - even though my legs are still burning at the end. But the VO2 Max one are clearly killing me and are really really mentally taxing for me! :wink:

I was having the same issue - in my case it was having my Peak Power WAY too low. It was a rookie mistake on my part - just thought I would wait until I got outdoors to get a true measure for it rather than thrash away on my trainer and risk breaking my bike. Anyway, turns out an accurate PP is quite necessary even if you don’t ride anywhere near it during most of your training. Once I put a more realistic value, my FTP level calmed down a lot.

@ChewieLeg I understand what you mean. For me it is challenging too, and rather painful. It requires race conditions too do it, both physically, including proper taper and so on, and mainly mentally.
In the end I could do it and almost hold the same power for 1h15 minutes in an Olympic distance triathlon on a very hilly parcours.

Um, what? This is like cursing in a church :joy: