Xert can't detect Hammer as trainer

Xert EBC ( android) app can’t detect my Hammer as a trainer. However, the app can detect it as power meter. I have upgraded Hammer to the latest firmware… But it is not working.
If it can’t detect it as trainer, ERG mode won’t be working.

Please help

Cycleops Hammer H2 is not currently supported (it does not support BlueTooth FTMS). Hammer H3 is supported.

You can use an ANT+ stick and dongle to get ANT+ support with it, however. You can also use a Cable from NPE. It is supported in the latest beta.

I also have same issue – and a CycleOps Hammer (pre-Saris). I may be missing something but my understanding is that this trainer does support BT FTMS.
Though this is unclear from the technical specifications (it just says “BlueTooth 4.0”): 2018 CycleOps Hammer | Saris

But it did support this, according to DC Rainmaker review:

And I’ve been using the trainer in controllable mode paired with BlueTooth to my Apple TV (and previously to a laptop).

I did reach out to Saris directly quite recently (in the last 2-3 weeks) about this and this was what I received:

Per engineering:

the H1/H2 does support ble, however these do not support ble FTMS, only the new H3’s support FTMS.

Unfortunately, the H1/H2 run some form of proprietary BLE connection that isn’t FTMS :frowning:

FWIW, you can still pair the H2 in Xert EBC using ANT FE-C! Ensure the Hammer isn’t paired in your Hammerhead’s ANT+ sensors menu and then open Xert EBC. You should be able to pair the Hammer by it’s ANT+ sensor ID in the Trainer Control menu.

Alternatively, you can also use a CABLE device (from NPE) to bridge the ANT FE-C connection into a BLE connection that also be used by Xert EBC.

Scott, thanks for the detailed follow-up! Interesting; I guess Zwift must have access to the proprietary protocol.

I will experiment with the ANT+ FE-C on the Karoo2. I wasn’t seeing any ANT+ sensors (e.g. power / cadence from my older Quarq on that bike) in Karoo2 EBC, but I will double check the pairing, etc. and keep plugging away at that. Not to derail this topic, but if ANT+ sensors aren’t visible in EBC on the Karoo2 is this a Hammerhead support topic or Xert? (I am able to pair the Hammer trainer using ANT+/FE-C directly to the Karoo.)

Too bad in general on the Hammer v1/v2, but good to know. Once winter is over I’m hoping for some used-trainer glut and can upgrade to a newer trainer. In the interim I’ll also pick up another CABLE as that worked well for another pre-BT smart trainer that one of the kids on our local juniors team is using for winter training.

Thanks again!

Edit: @ManofSteele , yes, you’re right. I had left my trainer paired in ANT+ as a PM source to the Karoo. Once I removed that, I was able to add it as a FE-C trainer in EBC! I think problem solved!

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:partying_face: Glad you got it sorted!