Xert as performance validation for virtual racing performance

I’ve been reading a few stories on riders trying to meet the ZADA requirements for validating their performances (and having a gosh darn difficult time of it), and one suggestion was creating a ‘performance passport’ of sorts that could be used to detect unrealistic performances.

To me that basically sounds like our fitness signatures, MPA and breakthroughs, which do a great job of picking up on what’s within and outside our theoretical capabilities. If this was paired with an independent assessment (like a lab test) to validate the accuracy of a rider’s specific equipment, it could then be used for any future races on that equipment.

I was wondering if Xert has had any discussions with Zwift or the other platforms about using its algorithms to help develop personal power profiles or validate performances?

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The virtual racing industry need to come up with a relatively easy, low cost method of validating performance.
Whilst Zwift is the industry leader at the moment I doubt very much whether it will be the only real player within a year or so.

This is an issue that’s already made it to the academic community: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29928234/

Too bad they’re trying to use the “broken” CP/W’ model :confused:

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Thanks for the bedtime reading!