Xert apps on edge 840

Unable to download any of Xert apps from Connect IQ on new Edge 840
Can you please solve the issue?

See my post. It’s not supported yet. Soon. Maybe early summer…

I can see the map app on my Garmin 840 but doesn’t show power. I know my Garmin is reading power I can see it, on the same page as the map app and power split screen. You have any luck yourself.

@KellyK can you put a link to your post

Just a big thumbs up to Scott at xert! ssubmitted a ticket and xert got back to me really quick and fixed my problem.

Thank you for your support


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Hi is there a way to display the MPA number and power number underneath each other? Also the TTE TTR data fields are displayed side by side on the edge 840 and they over lap. Would be good to have all four of these data fields underneath each other.