XERT appears to be down again

Second time in as many weeks that the site is down. I hope this does not become a regular occurrence.

As luck would have it, it is cold and raining where I live with bonus frosty roads so I cannot go outside. Last week it was also raining when the site went down.

I know XERT is a small company and cannot offer around the clock support but there needs to be a process in place to address this so it does not impact users outside of North America. We pay the same amount for the service.


Same for me too!

The server is down here too. It was like this yesterday and the day before yesterday.

It appears the issue may be regional or it’s back up for everyone.
In both recently reported cases the XO site has not been down for me.
Anyone running a VPN to test with a North American connection?

Xert is up and running now.

No outages.

Btw, we’ve had 1 outage in about 5 years. They are pretty rare and generally stuff that’s not our doing.

Looks one of the services we rely on was down and therefore our service couldn’t be reached even though it was available.

Sorry about that. We will continue to monitor.