Xert app on Ipad

Hi, i am new to Xert . Done a few ride’s so far. I can use the app on my iphone and run it via the player on my windows desktop to overlay on Zwift.
But when it come to my ipad no sensors show up. I use a Stages bike SB-20, Assioma duo for power and Polar H-10 for HR. I have no problems with pairing this in zwift if i run the game on the ipad, seems like it’s only the Xert app that don’t recognize the sensors. Any idea ?

When you say they don’t show, what do you mean? Do you see them on the Settings tab? If they show up, you might just need to click them on in the device list.

They don’t show up at all. When i click settings-sensors on the iphone app i got them all, on the ipad app it show only a blank page. Nothing.

Maybe try a delete and reinstall. And a hard reboot of your iPad.

is it possible that when you try to link in the ipad that the sensors are still linked to the iphone? Bluetooth can only link/broadcast to one receiver at a time in most cases. So you need to be sure that they are not being held on the iphone first, (turn them off on the iphone) then try the ipad.

No, i have turned the iphone off and tried to connect . Other than that i use ant+ for zwift and my garmin Edge. But will try a uninstall and install app again.

Seems odd Zwift can work if iPad, Settings, Bluetooth doesn’t list the devices.
What model iPad and iOS version?

Ipad pro 2017.IOS 15. Will give it a try after the world championship fro Belgium is finith.

Reinnstall the app did it, stupid of me not to think that far. Anyway thank you very much for helping me out :+1::+1::+1:


Hi Ole, What app did you reinstall on the ipad? Zwift or Xert?