Xert app crash on phone call

still testing out the xert app on my new garmin edge 1030 plus. unfortunately it seems that if i take a phone call it crashes the app (i think it is on hang up). luckily it doesn’t lose any data just forces me to restart the app and skip thru the segments until i catch back up to where i crashed. anyone else have this issue?

It’s a known bug with the ConnectIQ apps. Unfortunately, the only way around this is to disable notifications on the device when using the workout player.

How can I disable notification while use the workout player?

From the Garmin device notification settings menu (think it’s called ‘Connected Features’, or something similar to that). It needs to be done before launching the workout player. I don’t know if Garmin allows you to adjust notification settings on a profile by profile basis. You’ll want to disable Text/Call notifications, as those can crash CIQ apps. Its unfortunately that if that is the case, they should be disabled automatically by Garmin when a CIQ app is active.