Xert Android App not recording Distance

My Xert Android App always shows/records distance of 0.0 km. Speed is displayed during Workout. So distance should be easy to calculate (speed x time). Anybody else experiencing this issue or having an idea which setting I need to change? I am using Android 9 and a Tacx Flux.

Hi Ralph,

Are you using a speed sensor, or are you using speed from a wheel-off trainer?

Hi Scott, I use speed from wheel-off trainer (Tacx Flux). Speed is displayed by the app, but distance is always 0.0 km.

Okay… Under ‘SCAN’, do you have ‘Speed’ enabled under your trainer’s BLE (or ANT+) connection?

Yes, as per Support instructions, I used the ANT device “Fitness Equipment Devices” and activated Speed. Everything worked, except for distance.
For whatever reason, the app shows two additional ANT devices for the Tacx Flux with the same ID (“Bike Speed and Cadence Sensors” and “Bike Power Sensors”). After enabling these two devices incl. all options as well, distance was also recorded.
So, my issue is solved. Although the scan results are not really self-explanatory.

Ahh, okay. Some trainers need to be paired as both a trainer AND as speed/cadence sensor, whereas others report everything directly through the trainer. Glad you got it resolved. Cheers