Xert Android app is fantastic!

I’ve been absent from Xert for a while due to power meter issues, now that has been sorted I see that the Xert app has been updated with the ability to view status and previous rides. That’s really useful! I absolutely love it, thank you! Can we get the planner in it next? I see that the website is showing up much better in mobile browser as well, which is also very helpful!


Thanks Ken! We are continuing to invest in improving our mobile apps. Important area for us.

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Is there going to be an iPhone app anytime soon ? Cheers

We have an iPhone app, although there are some know issues that we are addressing. The app is going through a bit of an overhaul, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can release it.

Thanks for the update Armando

Looking forward to the updated Apple IOS app. Please make sure The updated app is compatible with IOS 10 and preferably also IOS 9. Unfortunately, iOS 11 and 12 no longer support the ANT+ wireless adapter for iPhone, this is a needed function as there are still a lot of ANT+ sensors that interface with the Xert app.
Thanks again,

Hi Marco, just a note that we may not support the ANT+ adapter with this next version. We’ll have to see if we can squeeze that in but it may not make it into the production version. Sorry 'bout that.

Hi Armando, thank you very much for the update. I’ve found ANT+ to be more reliable. If possible would be very helpful to have the option to use ANT+ sensors on the new IOS app.
Thanks again for all your work to develop the Xert training platform.

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Hi Armando, just downloaded the new IOS Xert app update that was released today on the App store, very well done! Thank you very much for making it IOS 9 compatible. Would be nice to have ANT+ feature turned on if possible. Thanks again!

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I echo the comments above about the app. The iOS one is great although I haven’t used it for training yet - will do tomorrow. This was my main gripe with Xert in that I often wasted a lot of time with my Android tablet trying to connect to sensors & was the reason I started using Zwift. Hopefully the iOS app will be great for training.

Hi Marco. Rather than having to use an ANT+ stick attached to your phone, you can go with a separate CABLE ANT+ to BT converter. This is likely a better future proof option to have ANT+ only devices connect to your iPhone training apps.

Is there an ETA for the v2.0 for Android?

What else do you want the Android app to do? It’s already v3.0 - http://baronbiosys.com/new-xert-android-mobile-app-version-3-0/

The new Workout Player in the IOS app looks very interesting. Hopefully that comes to Android as well.

I noticed the app now shows breakthru results! this is really great. Hardly use the web site anymore.

Hi Armando,
thank you for continuing to make the Xert app updates iOS 9 compatible. This is particularly helpful as its hard to find options to mount my phone on the bars to view the Xert app workout player. An iPhone 4s (only ios 9 compatible) continues to work well mounted on the bars in the Wahoo Fitness case.
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