Xert Android app does not control Tacx Flux S via BT

For some reason the app does not control the trainer (ERG mode) anymore. Last year the app had the “trainer control” config option in the BT connection settings and everything was working fine then. Any ideas why this has happened?
P.S. Tacx Flux S firmware updated to the latest version.

Trainer control the the Tacx trainers is only supported over ANT+ at this time unfortunately.

ANT+ is the way to go. BT is flaky anyway. ANT+ works every time.
If your phone doesn’t have ANT+ you can add it with something like this.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
Are there any plans to fix this? If yes, when?
Asking this because it actually stops me from going premium on Xert and rather look for another platform. Ant+ is not an option for me - I don’t want to put an extra money for an extra device, BT should be the default standard option for all modern devices/apps.

I had the same reaction when I first got a smart trainer. Then I learned why BT isn’t ideal for trainer control (dcrainmaker) due to limitations and unstable standards. When I added ANT+ to my Windows laptop I was pleasantly surprised how reliable it was. Now the only thing I use BLE for is my old Polar cadence sensor, bought before Polar threw in the towel on BT and added ANT+ support to their devices. An ANT+ stick is about $20-30 USD. I move the Suunto to my phone whenever needed.

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Despite that, Tacx decided to - initially - make their new desktop app (TDA) BLE only. The predecessor to that, TTS, was Ant+ only and they sold Ant+ dongles by the bunch.

(Very stable, sturdy dongles too - you can use them as a raiser for your front wheel, if you wanted to.)

They now come back from that, by allowing Ant+ in TDA, but without smart trainer control ad it is unstable as f…

VeloReality and BigRingVR are Ant+ only and it always works.

But yes, for a phone app, BLE should also be available - however, not all Tacx trainers support FTMS, or at least the Neo doesn’t, other may or may not.