Xert and Zwift Different Distances


I’m using the trial of Xert and I am really liking it.

Yesterday, I did my first Xert workout while riding around Zwift - I unpaired the controller, connected up my Edge 820 and used that as the controller.

Went well - did the workout (tough but doable).

However, when I went to look at Garmin Connect - the way I have things set, Zwift sends the workout info to GC and because I used the Edge, that had a listing, too.

Not a problem…but the one created by Zwift said I went 23.2miles in 1:08:21 whereas the Edge one said I did 26.67miles in 1:08:00.

I can understand a little bit of distance difference in the time it took to turn off the Edge but 3 1/2 miles?

I’m also wondering if it’s really worth using the Edge to control things or should I swap to a ZWO - I must admit I like seeing the archways in Zwift to show the end of the current interval.

Cheers and all the best


“Zwift calculates speed (and therefore distance) based on power , while your Garmin calculates speed based on wheel revolutions . Because of this, your numbers will never match.”

See more info here: Why Your Garmin Speed and Distance Don’t Match Zwift’s | Zwift Insider

(Also, speed depends on what frame and wheels you’re using in zwift)

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That makes sense and thanks for that, Gustav.

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How does that work please. If the Edge is controlling the workout how does Zwift know when the interval is complete?

I meant if you exported the zwo file from Xert and put it into Zwift i.e. don’t use Edge and have Zwift control the resistance, Zwift would show the archways.

But, as you say, archways aren’t shown if you use the Edge.

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