xert and favero beepro

Hello. Xert does not work with my Favero Beepro power meter. I am very upset, will have to cancel the subscription.

Absolutely does! Check your bike computer to make sure it is saving the power data correctly from the power meter. If you can see the power data in Strava, then it should appear on Xert, for example. Same with Garmin Connect.

xert player does not work.
He does not see the beepro as a power sensor. Garmin 520 sees it and see all the programs and services of training. In the xert player, only the pulse sensor is displayed.

Xert Player for iPhone?

xert player Garmin 520

The power sensor favero beepro xert player in the Garmin 520 is not detected when training outside

For some users, they should have the power meter sensor connected to the Garmin before they start the Xert Player.

The power sensor is connected to Garmin and on Garmin everything is perfectly defined and working, and when I connect the xert player, he does not see the power sensor.

That’s very strange since the app doesn’t do anything with your power meter and just receives the data. Are you using Bluetooth or ANT? Try using ANT since that is better supported by Garmin.

I have ant, Favero BeePro only works on ant

Yes. This isn’t something we’ve seen before. Have you tried any of the Xert datafields?

Yes, the data fields I have and everything works fine.

Send a note to support. We might try a few things.

Try what I need to do?