Xert and Concept2 rowing

Should I decide to add C2 rowing to my fitness protocol, and using the app “PainSled” (sic), how do I create an additional account to preclude cycling and C2 data from contaminating each other?

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You mean you’re going to sync the PainSled to Strava, and you’re wondering about what happens when Strava syncs back to Xert? Does it sync back to Xert, and if so, why would you want it to sync back to Xert?

Carmen, I’d want to synch it back to take advantage of what Xert’s metrics provide me. Unless of course, they won’t provide me with anything I can’t get from Strava. :slight_smile:

What metrics? Training load from rowing can’t simply be added to training load from biking I don’t think. Does it actually sync to Xert?

IIRC, Scott or Armando recommended to a runner and biker here that he needed to create a separate account to log running data so as not to confound the two exercises. I’m likely creating a solution for an issue that doesn’t exist. :smiley: :smiley: I’ll play around with PainSled to see what it does for me by way of its data output. Thank you, Carmen.

I am looking for the same thing. Any ideas on how best to track Rowing data?

Rick, when I did C2 rowing, I used the PM5 and ErgData. The concept2 rowing website will have information about any more current way of analyzing C2 performance. HTH, Anthony

Personal experience and opinion and I fear this is going to sound like sacrilege on an XERT forum but I use Golden Cheetah for rowing…

My workflow: Link & auto-sync ErgData to Garmin Connect then manually load activities to Golden Cheetah (or use the python script garmin-connect-export for bulk downloads).

I then have done all my analysis using the w’ / critical power model that Golden Cheetah is based on. Why? Well the C2 doesn’t give good peak or short term power numbers so that advantage of XERT’s model is lost and as rowing performance is more geared towards a managed “fixed distance” & “to exhaustion” type efforts the 3 point w’ model appears to work pretty well.

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thank you, Simon. I’ll grab up a copy of Golden Cheetah and have a play with it. Thank you :slight_smile: