Xert adjacent: app to do spin down calibration (elite suito)

Hello all

It’s not xert related but I’m asking here in case somebody has an idea.
I have an Elite Suito smart trainer. I want to do a spin-down calibration, except the app from Elite is a piece of shit and cannot complete the calibration (“pedal faster” at 130rpm in 46x11). Is there an android app that can start this kind of calibration and does not require to log in or create an account?

I have a suito too and the myetraining app works just fine for the calibration.

Please describe exactly what you do, especially: at which point do you connect to the suito? Where do you go to start the calibration (the interface is so confusing I do not know if I got the correct one)? When do you start pedaling? When do you stop? Which approximate speed do you need?

It’s pretty self explanatory. I have my bike permanently set up on the trainer so only calibrate it about once a month or so. Just follow the onscreen instructions. The calibration function is here…

Parameters>Advanced Configuration>Spindown Calibration.

It does not work. It always ask me to pedal faster.

Then it’s not connected to your trainer via BT or ANT+

It is definetly connected.

I might try next week, I think I got hurt trying to “pedal faster”.