Xert Adaptive Training Advisor - Training Deficit vs Workout Goal

Hi all,

A quick question from me and I searched the forums and the support pages but couldn’t see an easy answer.

Can I ask what the difference is between the “Workout Goal” vs “Training Deficit”? Please see the screenshot below - 188 Workout Goal vs 145 Training Deficit - gives this “+43 Training Surplus”

Is my “ramp rate/improvement rate” not already factored in to my Training Deficit?

I looked at the following pages:

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Hi Simon,

Great question! It’s very important that a difference exists difference the total training deficit and the workout goal.

For example, if you had a 400 XSS deficit on a Friday (you were away, sick, whatever), but usually only typically train for 1 hour on Friday’s - you wouldn’t want to be receiving recommendations for 5 hour, 400 XSS workouts! So XATA looks at what is usually done on that day (and at your freshness status), and and then recommends a workout target that may/may not be exactly equal to your XSS deficit. Another example could be if you have a 100 XSS deficit, but a very tired status - you wouldn’t want to try and do 100 XSS with a very tired status. Instead, Xert will recommend active recovery workouts (most of which are < 50 XSS). A full day off in that case is also sufficient.

In your case, Xert is saying that your deficit is “only” 145 XSS, but that based on your freshness and what you usually do on Sundays, a workout that generates 188 XSS (leaving you with a 43 XSS surplus after the workout) fits well in your training program. If that’s too long/too much, you can still use the workout filters to filter for shorter and/or easier workouts.

Hope this makes sense!