Xert Academy Educational Videos

Hello everyone!

We’ve been working on some introductory videos in order to help new users get a better handle on the main concepts behind Xert. Have a look at these new videos and feel free to comment and/or forward to anyone that might need some assistance. More are in the works and should be made available shortly.

Discover Your Fitness Series
Breakthroughs : Mastering Xert - Discover - Intro & Breakthroughs - YouTube
MPA: Mastering Xert - Discover - MPA - YouTube
Fitness Signatures: Mastering Xert - Discover - Fitness Signatures and Conclusion - YouTube
Playlist for all 3: Mastering Xert - Discover Your Fitness - YouTube

Thank you!


Thank you, very helpful.


Very useful content! Please keep going.

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This is a great idea! Are you going to add educational video(s) on using the workout planner?


+1 for workout planner.

Hi Brendan,

Yes! I discuss the fitness planner in the second video :slight_smile: We’ll have it available very soon for you!