XEP on edge 820

Hello people on more time :slight_smile:
one question,
why when we do a pause for coffee, garmin do the autopause, but the XEP field steel drooping, is that purpose? after 10 minutes break, my XEP, droped too much for the activity,

Hi Daniel,

The XEP is based on work performed over time. if you’re stopped, the XEP will drop since you were resting during that time. Right now, XEP works really well for shorter, hard efforts. But not as well for longer rides with rest stops. We’ve been thinking about a way to rework the XEP calculations to make it more representative of a “weighted power” during longer rides.

yes, in my week training alone, whit activiity whitoutt stop 2 hours, works really well, in long ride whit group, i use the Normalize Power, to have an ideia.