XATA "wizard"?

Do I understand correctly that with XATA it is possible to develop training plan for weeks of in advance or is that a misunderstanding on my part? If yes, how do I start this process?


Checkout this blog where we explain how to use the new Advisor Planner: http://baronbiosys.com/planning-your-fitness-with-the-fitness-planner-and-the-xert-adaptive-training-advisor/. The idea is to plan a few weeks at a time and incorporate your time availability and other types of riding you may be doing, allowing the advisor to guide your structured workouts or semi-structured outdoor activities towards your goal.

I played a bit with the “automatically create recommended workout” function. Do I understand that it works on a daily and not on a weekly basis? That does not seem to go along well with the weekly training time and ramp rate or am I missing something? Moreover, I planned a week -4 days with training and three without- and both training time plus ramp rate were well below the “moderate-2” goal in my preferences. Lastly, when I automatically plan a workout, delete it and plan it again, another workout might pop up than at the first attempt. Is there a certain amount of randomness in the selection of workouts?

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There is one thing that I do not comprehend and that is your definition of fresh and tired or your concept of exhaustion. During the effort -as said before- the MPA curve in my very limited experience nicely coincides with the subjective feeling of exhaustion. After the training session Xert still calls me fresh even if I feel tired, heavy legs, elevated resting pulse and all. On which physiological parameters do you base this assessment? I hate to mention that but 2peak provide a battery indicator that much closer resembles my subjective status. I can even go ahead and adjust the indicator according to what I feel how exhausted or fresh I am. How they calculate that indicator I don’t know either, though.
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Based on a 3 tier form calculation. See glossary on Training Status.

Hello! At this time i am in the trial period. i can’t see the option “automatically create recommended workout”. Is it cause by the trial account or what do i wrong?

This is on the Training Advisor, under Advisor Recommended Workouts.

Hi. I think you misunderstood my question. i can’t do this
“We’re going to use the Adaptive Planner’s one-click workout creation feature to schedule workouts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday”
i would like to create the whole week instead day by day manually.

At this time, you can only automatically create a recommended workout for one day at a time. It won’t schedule your whole week for you. We chose not to schedule weeks at a time since you would need to tell the system which days / times you can train which would be not much different than simply allowing you to add the workout directly at the time you wish to do it.