XATA question

As Xert doesn’t (at least to my knowledge) allow me to adjust the lenght of a training progression, or the lenght of the individual phases during the progression provided by XATA, I have been thinking about two possible options that I have for next year.

I am planning to participate in a mtb stage race at the end of July 2020, this being my main event for next year. This means I have a lot of time to spare and could run the training progression through twice (with different rider / focus types) with a break in between at the beginning of next year. I could also do it only once and do a lot of pre-base riding / base building until the start of the XATA progression. Which option would you guys choose and why? Just curious.

You’re correct, the default training program is 120 days. Ultimately the choice is yours. If I were you, I would do 2 back to back progressions. For the first progression, I would select an athlete type like TT or Sprint TT to work on building your aerobic base for the multi-stage race. After taking maybe a week or so of unstructured riding/recovery, I would then switch the Athlete type to something shorter (puncheur/pursuiter/breakaway specialist) for the second progression. Cheers

Thanks a lot for the answer Scott! :slightly_smiling_face: Was leaning on this as well but your suggestion on the athlete types is really good and did not think of this. :+1: