XATA problem


So, I just re-started using Xert.
Here is what ATA is telling me this morning:

You are in the Pre Base phase of your program and have chosen a Moderate-2 weekly improvement rate. You have a Training Deficit of 41 XSS points. Sustaining this improvement rate will require about 6 hours of training per week based on your recent training history that includes activities and workouts performed on Saturdays.

Your Training Status is Tired and should consider a Endurance workout or activity generating about 215 XSS of overall strain, with less than ◆◆⬖ difficulty.

The problem is that I already have 8h46 of rides this week, but ATA is asking me to ride 3h more today, and will probably suggest more hours tomorrow. It doesn’t match the 6 hours of training per week. That will probably be the double. I remember that I had the same problem last spring, when I had a training of about 400-500 XSS/week during the winter, and, from the start, Xert was asking me to do 1000-1100 XSS per week. I pushed myself during the first two weeks, then I had to stop because it was not sustainable.

So, what should I do to have reasonable suggestions with ATA ?

Training isn’t linear and all your rides aren’t the same XSS either. It’s lumpy and depending on where the lumps fall, you’ll see higher/lower numbers. XATA gives you what you need to maintain a Moderate-2 (Ramp rate of 3) as a moving 7-day average. If you had a big ride a bit more than a week ago, your targets will be higher to maintain that improvement rate. It doesn’t look at 4 weeks, for example, where you ramp up 12 points and say “take a week off”. It keeps adding to what you do. If your previous to last week was a lot more XSS (or even a lot less) than normal, and you’re not able to do those bigger rides, just go back to doing what you normally do it will settle back to normal in a few days.