XATA not consistent with training status

Howdy, I’m trying to understand the advice I’m getting from the adaptive training advisor. My current training status appears to be “tired” (yellow), which is consistent with the color gradient that I see on the planner. However, when I go to schedule my next workout per the adaptive training advisor, it indicates that my current status is “very tired” (red) and as you can see in the screenshot even shows 24 hours from now I’ll stay “very tired.” Thus it is recommending active recovery. What am I missing here?

Hi @scongiundi , we’ll probably need more information to provide a definitive answer.

In your screenshot, it looks like you had left out the planned time of your training. It’s very common for your training status to change over the course of a day (from Red to Blue or Yellow to Blue, for example). You can enter the planned time of your training and Xert will show the training recommendations based on your training status at that time (rather than your current status).

If you’re training now, then use the Training tab, rather than the planner. That will show the training recommendations for you right now. Also, if you’ve adjusted your Freshness Feedback slider, that will only apply to your immediate training status - not your training status in the planner… another reason to use the ‘Training’ tab if you’re going to be training now.

Thanks… to be honest I didn’t pay attention to the time of the planned training. Just knew that I was selecting a particular day. I’ve checked now and it appears everything is jiving, so probably user error! If I come across it again I’ll note the time of the planned workout and report back.

I did not realize the freshness feedback slider only affected immediate training status. So, if I slide the feedback slider more to the left, does it not have any effect on the freshness colored gradient that I see in the planner?

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Correct. The FF slider only affects the color of your current status stars and XATA recommended lists.
The Planner gradient only changes through adjustments to the Recovery Demands slider.

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