XATA indicator in the planner calendar

I think it would be nice if the calendar would also show some kind of indicator as to where the large XATA needle is. The star color is nice and all but unless you open each day it’s hard to visualize where you need to be for training for the week. Maybe numerical as in the position of the clock hand or some indicator that gets darker between the red and the teal.

I understand that letting the star go green obviously will correlate with a red needle but I think it can get a little better than that.

I think XATA and Planner are two of the most confusing areas of Xert. I’d like to see a checkbox, a switch of some sort, one which tells XATA not to take into account any future activities placed in the planner. That XATA takes into account what you have done in the past on a particular weekday is also a PIA sometimes. This time of year it’s Mr. Winter who chooses my long rides outdoors, not I. I’d like to be able to turn off that feature.

Another change I’d like to see, is possibly moving the freshness slider to XATA page. Not sure why it’s hidden on the goals page as I would think that is something that you would use more often than just when setting a goal.

Example, today I have some recommendations but I feel stronger so I’d like to move the slider up, but just for today, it would seem the logical place for this adjustment tool to live