XATA...help me understand this

I’m wondering what XATA will recommend tomorrow, so I go to the planner and click on Monday. This is the recommendation:

Your current is Fresh and should consider a [Rouleur] :diamonds:½ activity or workout, generating about 121 XSS of overall strain.

My current star level is two and my athlete type is Rouleur, but I’m pretty sure there is no workout in Xert that will provide anything close to the recommendation. The recommendation seems nonsensical to me.

How am I interpreting this incorrectly?

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You’re right… no one has created a workout like that yet. But it’s not impossible. Screenshots show one I created in a few minutes in the workout designer (it’s rather boring).

The advice shown is very precise but in reality precision isn’t needed… mostly. As we describe in our podcasts, the further away you are from your target event, the less precise each workout needs to be. For all intents-and-purposes, a 4:00 (Puncheur) focused workout isn’t much different than a 6:00 (Rouleur) focused workout unless you’re in the final stages of preparing for a 4:00 focused event and every little bit can make a difference. Also, if your deficit is 121XSS, it’s ok to do a bit less or a bit more. If you do a bit less, the algorithm will skew the next one a bit higher and vice versa. Indeed, it’s better to do workouts with more variety in order to keep all 3 systems somewhat trained as well as keeping interest in doing workouts high by avoiding boredom and repetition. Having said that, we are always looking to add to the workout library, especially those that fill in a gap where we don’t have something that’s close. XATA will pick it up immediately and use it. No need to train it with feedback from users.

Lol, so the recommendation goes from nonsensical to ridiculous?

What were the complete guidelines?
What is IR set to?
What is ATP type set to?
How long have you been at 2 stars?
Are you riding irregular hours week to week?
What did you do last Monday?

Example of mine from yesterday (when you first posted your question).
Form = Yellow, Status = 4 stars minus a tip
Suggested workouts –

  • Endurance Builder 126
  • Sweetspot Classic 3x20
  • Me Daaza
  • SMART - No Time to Cry Extended Mix

All workouts are around the Workout Goal of 120 XSS, Focus Type: Endurance, Difficulty Rating: 2-1/2 diamonds…

Same info is shown in ATA today including the outdoor recommendation for an easy-peasy spin ride (stay in blue below LTP). That would entail more time for similar XSS. Since it’s raining today I’d normally go with an indoor workout, probably Me Daaza. However, I decided to skip today since I have a slight surplus, XSS goal says “Optional”, pacer needle looks good, and Monday is my normal rest day. :slight_smile: YMMV

Xert is a process and method of training, not a strict pill dispenser.

You are correct. Not a large selection of workouts at lower stars/diamond level. May as well do what you want or use Load More to view all twenty options before deciding. This is especially true if Continuous ATP and you aren’t targeting any particular event/focus.
In your case you could have chosen to free ride outdoors to around a 6:00 minute Focus and accumulated about 120 XSS to meet the recommendations.

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