XATA dial gauge and deficit no longer current

Is it just me or is the dial no longer representing “current” status, but based on the training time entered under goals?

I also noticed, that if I did a workout, the deficit no longer changes as well but continues to display statistics as if the workout didn’t appear, until the next day. The only thing that seems to change is the color of the stars. I could’ve sworn that I could do multi workouts a day, and XATA would let me know what is going on at that moment, so if I did one intense workout and wanted to follow up with an easier one a few hours later, it would be up to date.

The only real difference is that I’ve been doing one a days since shelter in place came into effect.

Seems like that is the case.
I rarely train twice a day but I seem to recall the suggested workout after finishing a workout for today was typically a recovery workout. It does not appear to work that way that anymore.
The tool-tip now says this (don’t remember what it used to say):

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Thank you. This seems less useful than before. Oh well.

Have you tried changing the "as at " time to the current time, or at least after your previous ride? It may update then.
And yes it did seem to make more sense before.

It used to be permanently set at 11:59. Now it is configurable and matches the same as what is used on the planner too. The only issue people are having trouble with is that the Training Status at the top of My Fitness is current.

Hmm… perhaps it is working like before but only suggests a recovery ride when you exceed the recommended XSS for the day?