I went on my profile to update my age (which doesn’t update automatically for some reason.) When I returned to my dashboard my threshold power and 1 hour power had dropped 25 watts, from 275 to 250 and 276 to 251. When I clicked on rankings, my TP remained at 250 but my 1 hour power reverted to 276. I went back to settings and reset my age to where it was before, but was unable to restore the prior power numbers. What is this about?

Hi Mitchell. Have you ever updated your Signature Decay Method in the past? Send a note into support@xertonline.com and let us know.

Thanks for the reminder to update age. Since there is no prompt for birthdate during setup I don’t see how it could be automated.
I don’t believe age has anything to do with Xert calculations.
If you need something reset or diagnosed I found it best to contact Xert support by visiting the Xert Support Home page or email support@xertonline.com using your Xert account email address.