Wrong Workout on Garmin 1030

Hi, i have Problems with planned workouts. My Garmin didn´t (xert-player) didn´t play the workout wich
i select in the planner. First i tought the Problem was WIFI turned on my Garmin. For few times the Garmin show the correct workout. But today i changed the workout in the calender and my Garmin didn´t recognize this. When the IQ-app starts it shows always that it is conectet the phone, but i didn´t change the activity i planned. Any suggestions? The workout i want to do today wasn´t in the list of recommended workouts(could that be the problem?)

Believe the workout is only taken from the planner (calendar) at the ‘training status / advice as of’ time each day (which can be changed in goals), so it’s not the best way to select a workout.

If you want to select a workout for ‘now’ you’re best to do that in the training tab (select) or directly selecting a workout from the workout library (click select workout)

As @wescaine mentions it’s easier to select a workout before you start the Garmin app. You can confirm what workout will show up on the Garmin by viewing the Training tab on XO and noting ‘Selected Workout’.

When you add workouts to the Planner the activity time defaults to whatever is configured for Status/Advice under Goals. That time, unless you change it, is 11:59pm. So if you train in the morning the activity will be scheduled too late in the day to become the Selected Workout. However, you can view the workout on the Planner and change the activity time (click Save at bottom afterwards). That will cause the workout to be selected when it’s close to that time. I believe the selection is triggered when it’s within 2 hours of current time.
Your other option is to change the Status/Advice under Goals to your normal training time and workouts added to the Planner will default to that time.

BTW if you leave XO up and running all the time like I do, whenever I wake the laptop I refresh the browser page to ensure current XATA information is displayed. Otherwise advice displayed may not reflect current time.

Reference: Training Advice/Status As Of – Xert (baronbiosys.com)