Wrong workout loading to player

Newbie here… I added a workout to my planner calendar in the AM and was expecting that workout to load to the IQ app when I hit the bike that eve. For some reason it loaded one of the automatically generated workout instead. Am I doing something wrong?

The Planner is for playing what-if scenarios versus populating a calendar. You may or may not decide to ride any of the pre-planned workouts. Most Xert users leave the Planner empty unless they have a specific set of workouts they intend to follow for next week or want to show planned group rides on upcoming weekends (which you can drag/drop onto the Planner by searching for past activities or favorite workouts on the left side).

The currently selected workout is shown on right side of the Training tab page.
Since conditions change from hour to hour since last activity you’ll want to refresh your browser and select from an updated list of recommendations when ready for your workout.
Also note the prior selection doesn’t change until you make a new one. You can select from the top four recommended by XSS and Focus (shown by default) or Load More to see the full list of twenty which adds some variety within your current status stars (training load) and predicted form. Or use Filter to narrow the choices for today (such as change duration) or search the workout library on XO and select from there (if you have a particular workout in mind or want to experiment).

I suggest you disable automatic selection and review your choices each time.

Lots of newbie tips are posted in this thread –
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Do you know when your workout was scheduled for and when you did it? There should be a timeout of a couple of hours (will need to double check the time) so that you can do your workout before the automatically selected workout kicks in.

I’ve noticed this behaviour too with the calendar. I think if you’ve populated the calendar, that ride should become the auto selected ride for the given day, maybe with a small calendar icon next to the name on the my fitness page.
Of course opinion is like an ar$ehole, everyone has one, just my tuppence worth.

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I had not paid attention to the time. I just let it create an automatic selection to the calendar. Looking now I see it is the set to 11pm, my “advice as of” time. being that my workout was at 9pm, is that what did it? I didn’t realize these had time constraints at all, just thought to put a few things on the calendar ahead of time and jump on the bike when I can.

All the more reason not to populate the Planner and instead refresh your browser and review updated recommendations for that moment in time.
ATA can change hour to hour as you slip further from your last activity based on what that activity was, status/advice “as of” time, predicted form (recovery). and settings like IR (improvement rate) and focus (athlete type)…