Wrong workout duration in Strava

I started using Xert Player on my Garmin Edge 1040.
And I have some issue with indoor workout syncing to Strava: the workout in Strava is significantly shorter than in Xert and in Garmin connect (and on device). For instance, workout with duration 2h:01m is stored in Strava as 42m:16s workout. The previous ~1h:30m workout is stored as 49m:15s.

Another issue (the minor one) is that workouts look like as outdoor ones despite the fact that they are started in the Indoor Garmin profile and GPS is OFF. The distance is about 1km around the place where the smart trainer is located:)

And the last thing: is it possible to have some normal virtual speed and distance for indoor workouts? For instance, Wahoo SYSTM (aka Sufferfest) even allows me choose between a virtual speed from my trainer (Wahoo Kickr) and virtual speed from the application itself (Wahoo SYSTEM)?

Could be related to these settings –

You want 1 sec recording intervals.

Be sure GPS is OFF in the Workout Player. If you happen to have it on during an indoor ride, set the activity to “Indoor” on Strava and it will ignore the GPS data in the activity.

The Garmin Workout Player doesn’t have the sophistication of the iOS or Android Xert apps. If possible, you should always lean towards using these apps over the Garmin Workout Player for ease of set up, improved performance and fewer issues. For example, the apps will convert power to speed/distance. The Garmin workout player does not have this feature.

Note that the Garmin Workout Player is not likely to see many new features since there are memory constraints on some very popular Garmin Edge units. Best to get used to the apps for workouts and expect new features to be delivered on them rather than for the Garmin.

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