Wrong date and time stamp

I have just completed a Smart workout on my Garmin 1030, on completion it has managed to save it on Strava and Xert with the wrong date and time. Recording Sunday 13th at 22:25 instead of Wednesday 16th at 18:07. There is no file to download and edit from Strava and there is no .fit file on the Garmin. It appears as if I have the ability to edit the date and time when I click on the ride in Fitness Planner but there is no save button to save the changes so any edits are lost. Help please!

Deleted it from Strava and now it has also gone from Xert. Is there any way of recovering it from the Garmin or do I now have to put it in manually?

You can resync from Strava using the Strava link on the menu. If you need the original file, add /export_original to the end of the URL for your Strava activity and Strava will download to your computer.