Wrong Activity Type For Activity Saved To Garmin Connect


I am doing a Xert workout indoors on a Wahoo Kickr Snap using the Xert Connect IQ app on an Edge 520 Plus. The activity when saved appears in Garmin Connect as activity type “Cycling” instead of “Indoor Cycling”. The title is also “Cycling” instead of the “Indoor Cycling” that appears if I do a ride using the Edge 520 Plus without using the Xert app. It is a quick enough fix by editing the activity, but would save a few clicks if it just saved as “Indoor Cycling” to begin with. I have the Indoor activity profile selected on the Edge 520 Plus before launching the workout.

Would appreciate it if someone could tell me if there is some obvious setting I am missing.


Hi Saad,

Thanks for your question. We have the activity saved as a “Cycling” activity, since the Workout Player can be used outdoors or inside on the trainer. If we’d change it to be saved as Indoor cycling, then those who are using it out on the road would need to change all their activities to outdoor rides, etc. For this reason, we decided to simply leave it as “cycling” activity. Cheers

Surely there can be a way to detect in the app what profile is selected? Or maybe whether a trainer is paired or not? Or the lack of a GPS signal. Seems like there could be multiple ways. But like I said it’s only a minor issue. Thanks.

The app doesn’t use profiles, unfortunately - it’s a standalone CIQ app. Unfortunately, theres not much we can do about this.