Worth adding in a TSS estimate for outdoor rides?

I am new to Xert training and still reading, but had a one month trial last winter when I followed a Zwift training plan which I found too rigid. I like the adaptive idea of the Xert plans as I like to at least once a week on zwift which was harder to account for a set program. I am back inside more now and have about 3-4 weeks of power data uploaded. I rode a lot outside this summer but do not have a power meter so it looks like I took a 4 month break basically. I suspect this is impacting how fatigue and training load is calculated- I have a large base and can tolerate a fair bit of training, but keep being flagged as very tired and get recovery ride suggestions. Is it worth adding in a TSS estimate for all the summer rides? Or delete all data except what I have for the last 3 weeks? I do have a target event on dec 14. Thanks!

Hi Anna,

Xert currently only calculates XSS for rides with power data. This means that you should be adding estimates for XSS and Focus/Specificity for rides without power data (for help on that, check out our FAQ here: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/how-do-i-add-activities-where-i-didnt-have-a-power-meter/
Did you happen to collect HR data during those rides?

Thanks for the reply. I do have HR data in Garmin Connect which gives an estimate of training load which I can use and add in for almost all outdoor rides. would that be the best approach?

Stay tuned! We’re planning a new feature that can help assist with calculating XSS and Focus for rides that don’t contain any Power data.

Else, you could delete your history and keep only the last 3 weeks. Xert works really well with minimal data (provided you have some maximal efforts in those ~3 weeks).