Workouts too easy?


Thanks for a great product. Enjoying the refreshing take on training with this tool.

I have a question about the adaptive planner concerning the difficulty of the workouts being generated. I’ve was sick most of april and started riding again in May. My fitness isn’t great and I’ve lost some threshold power. Nothing new here :slight_smile:

Here is my calendar:

The workouts being generated are in my opinion pretty easy. They are mostly endurance rides with not much time at threshold or over threshold. Mainly one or two star workouts. Is this due to my fitness (1½ star) being low? Are the workouts matched to the star indicator somehow and will the difficulty of the workouts being suggested increase once the rating goes up? If I was coaching myself (not saying I’m better). I’d prescribe one VO2 session a week and roughly two sessions with 4x10 minutes just below my FTP. I have used the suggested ones for roughly two weeks more but the workouts seem to be the same difficulty. I guess my concern is that I might train too easy over time.

In my mind sessions can be difficult no matter what fitness level you are at.

Thanks! Looking forward to the Elemnt Bolt integration and wellness data integration :slight_smile:


Maybe I was a bit eager to post earlier but I found the answer after reading through the XATA article:

“8. Recommended workouts have a difficulty that is matched to your current training load. The more training you do, the harder the recommended workouts.”

So basically the XATA adjusts the workouts progressively the more you train and it’s all part of the periodization of the training plan based on the athlete type and event date you set. This means I would be in some sort of “Base” training until i’m more fit and can start doing more? Looking at my profile i’m in the Build state so I’m still a bit confused about the workouts being recommended.

Yes. If you’re at 1 star, the data suggest you don’t ride very much. If you do ride more, but perhaps they are rides without a power meter, be sure to add those to your calendar using the Fitness Planner. See the FAQ on this too. Also check your Athlete Type (again there is an FAQ on this). Longer duration athletes will not see as much high intensity training as those with shorter duration Focus. Also see the glossary on Training Program to appreciate how things are periodized.

Thanks for checking us out!

“Training improves fitness and improves your ability to express it.” This means that if you’re less fit (1 star), your fitness signature numbers are low and your ability to reach MPA repeatedly is more difficult for you than someone at 3 or 4 stars. Some at 1 star can handle more difficulty and if so, they should be able to move their Training Status higher. Use the Load More button to choose a workout with more difficulty or intensity and the adaptive capability will take your ability to do handle more difficulty into account as you complete these workouts. See Stephen Cheung’s article on PEZ to appreciate how this worked for him.

Thanks for the reply. Makes it all clear. Very appreciated!