Workouts to Training peaks

I like to begin trying workouts from Xert. But I use zwift on ios, not on my local pc/mac. Så I need to move the workout files to Training peaks, that then sync the files into zwift ios, as my files will be on my Training peaks calendar for each day. Like I do today.

What advice can you give? if I download the workout file, Training peaks doesn’t recognize them :confused:

Apparently, TP doesn’t like Xert’s files. The exported files load fine on other platforms, just not TP (and Wahoo). No expert here, but, as export to Zwift seems to work, is importing workouts there not an option?

If you have an older iPhone/iPad, you can pick up a Cable from NPE and set up one iOS device on Zwift and the other on Xert, one using native BT and the other using the Cable’s BT interface. Then you won’t need TrainingPeaks. You could do the same with a Garmin or Android set up. Not sure if there is a better alternative. Btw, this way you also get the Smart features in the Xert workouts.

I use karoo and would like to add workouts to training peaks, for outside riding. i guess there is no solution?

TrainingPeaks likes Xert .fit files just fine. Download the file from Xert. Drag it into TrainingPeaks. I have to do it after every Xert workout, since there is no syncing between the two, at least not what I can see.

I think I may have misunderstood the question, You’re trying export xert planned workouts, not completed? I can’t export a planned workout,

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Where do you download the Xert fit file from please.
I always have to use my Garmin to save the file and get it into TP that way.
Being able to drop it from Xert via the PC would be much easier.

It’s on the far right, but I just discovered, it appears you can only down fit files from native Xert activities, not an activity that synched over to Xert from another device. Weird limitation.

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Thanks @CarmenV spotted it now. Good to know about that.

Yes I am looking for planned workouts