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Is there an easy way to create a workout with power increase every second with 1W or something like that?

I want to make intervals where it ramps up every second and i dont want to add every second as a step.

Unfortunately, we don’t have in our Workout Designer at this time. It is something we are considering.

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I’m a new user, and I would really like this feature (ramp interval).
Continue your good work, I really think your system is the future of training standard.


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What type of ramp interval do you want to do?
Have you tried riding in resistance or slope mode to emulate a RAMP test?

I was thinking of Warming up, cooling down and over/under like the workout below.
I never really tried resistance or slope mode, but I don’t think it’s gonna replace ramp ?

BTW, it’s only a nice to have. I’m used to these kind of WO and I would like to replicate them without having to split the ramp into smaller steps !


From ErgDB:

That is a typical ERG workout with a ramp-like warm-up.
Search workouts for “ramp” and you’ll see a true ramp test. However, it’s a 5 star/diamond workout and may start too high for you (150 watts),
You can emulate a similar ramp test on your own in resistance mode. Start an activity at a reasonably easy pace and lower cadence at the watt level you are comfortable with for warm-up, then “ramp” up your cadence every minute or so which will also raise watts. Continue until you can’t go faster/higher for another minute. The pain will be too much.
On the other hand Xert doesn’t need you to do painful periodic RAMP tests to determine FTP/TP. Just select a “breakthrough” workout once a month or so and your fitness signature will update accordingly if changes apply.

I think you don’t understand me.
I’m not talking about ramp test, but intervals that goes from 95% ftp to 105% ftp for example.
Why do you think 150w is too much for me ?

What you are describing is an over/under workout, not a ramp workout…
Select Workouts on left side menu at xertonline, enter “over/under” in search box and select a workout.
If you want to see why 150 “may” be too high to start a ramp test, search for “ramp”, select Ramp Test #1 and try it. You’ll see what I mean. If you can’t comfortably warm up for 10-15 minutes the starting watts were too high.
A ramp test continuously increases in intensity until failure.
Other types of ramp workouts are less intense (% FTP) and repeat intervals.

Slope Segments:

Yes, thank you for the update !!!

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