Workouts...incorrent descriptions and/or previews

I’m increasingly noticing a couple of issues. First, when you are looking at recommended workouts, the small image to the left that gives a representation of what the workout will entail, sometimes the image is incorrect. It suggests that the workout will involve certain zones, but when you click through and use the workout designer to view the actual workout, the zones are different, The interval structure is the same, but the colors are different. Second issue. The descriptions are incorrect. For example, SMART - Save Yourself - 45…Description is: “This workout utilizes the principles of Over/Unders, but targets LTP instead of TP. Use this workout to continuing developing an aerobic base.”

When I open the workout designer however, one sees that the intervals go above TP and then below LTP.

Anyone else noticed these errors?

All of my thumbnails images coincide with their expanded views in WD whether I search for Recommended workouts using various Filters or scan through the library with 100 workouts listed per page.

Sounds like there is wonky data on file in your history affecting the TP/LTP relationship.
File a support request at or take a look at XO, Activities, Table and flag anything that looks odd. Then take another look at Save Yourself - 45.

Per @ManofSteeleLTP is a mathematical artifact of the relationship between TP and HIE.
How does your PP/HIE look compared to the graph in this article?
Are there errors in my Fitness Signature? – Xert (

I looked at the lines in the “Save Yourself” workout, “the code”, and the intervals that end up greater than my TP are defined as “50 XSS per hour,”, not in terms of LTP. It’s not a % of LTP, which is what I would think an “Over and Under LTP” workout would involve. I don’t see any problematic activities, and my signature values seem within normal spec. It’s stale, but I first noticed these issues several weeks ago.

This is what ‘Save Yourself - 45’ should look like with two 50 XSS per hour recovery lulls –
If not then support needs to do something on the back end to fix your account.

Yes, ok. And now I can see what the issue is. The intervals are defined as 120% of LTP, which actually brings the interval higher than my TP. My LTP is too high as a percentage of my TP.

Here’s what my version looks like. I’m pretty sure my TP is accurate. It’s decayed some, because I haven’t tried for a breakthrough in a while. Strava and have pretty much the same FTP for me. If my TP hadn’t decayed over the last month, that 120% of LTP would be below my TP. So maybe that’s the issue. Xert has decayed my TP too much. My peak power looks to be accurate. HIE? To me that’s a black hole. It means nothing to me. I can’t train it. I can’t verify it as far as I know. I seems rather abstract to me. Riding at LTP puts my heart rate about 75% of max. Semi-steady state…I could easily ride it for a long time. My LT1 is probably a few watts lower than what xert says is my LTP.