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Eg Climb 60 says ‘Choose this if you are looking to “just ride” and reach your Climber Focus and XSS target. This workout is not meant to be used with your smart trainer.’ I have a smart trainer - how exactly are you meant to do these they have set intervals and wattage which show on the smart trainer like normal workouts. Does the workout set the trainer on resistance mode rather than erg? Confused.

Those workouts do set trainer on ERG mode.
They’re just ‘normal’ workouts in that they don’t take any advantage of the SMART function which is unique to Xert.
SMART Workouts are the real feather in Xert’s cap!

thank you Lorenzo I understand smart workouts based on xxs rather than time - however the wording needs changing as a ‘smart trainer’ is very different to a ‘smart workout’ :slight_smile:

The wattage is static in the workout just to enable an XSS and Focus determination. You should just hop on your bike, even outdoors if the weather is good, and ride. No need to hit the power target. Just try and stay focused on the Climber (in this case) which is 10:00 Focus. Endurance is 60:00 and higher. Rouleur is 6:00. If you are using our apps while you ride, you’ll have the Focus on the app.

So no erg but can you still do them on your trainer? Is there any resistance? So you need to find a road with lots of short hills :slight_smile: bit confusing

I think those “workouts” are not really “workouts” and so can see the confusion. We may simply remove them since they are causing issues by being recommended and people hop on the trainer to do them in erg mode meanwhile they are really meant as placeholders for general riding.

I think of them more as a guidance than as a real workout. They give me a general picture of what I’m expected to do, and as such I find them very useful - though, I’d never use ERG mode for those workouts.

Take ‘Free Ride - Rouleur - 120’ which is 24 x 2 min @ 5min MMP with 3 min recovery.
It just doesn’t make too much sense to me as a workout!
Still, I know I could change it to 3 Set of 8 x 2 min @ 5min MMP with 3 min recovery between intervals and 10 min recovery between sets plus some WU+Endurance Time at the beginning and more Endurance Time+CD at the end. That sounds much more appealing to me :slight_smile: .

Anyway, thank you for letting us know you’re considering to remove them.
(I’ve copied them in my ‘personal’ library right now before they disappear :wink: )

We may just remove them from being recommended.

I rather like that a free ride is highlighted and would vote to keep. Can it be implemented as a free road within ERG? Like in Zwift workouts?

How does this work in Zwift?

I find these useful, I just planned my Christmas training block with a dozen or so of them to allow for lots of seated and standing climing intervals outside.

@Armando a free ride block in a zwift workout gives you a flat road to cycle in erg mode e.g. no change in required power as gradient changes