Workouts: error?

Indoor I ride the proposed workouts with my Tacx. The power I use my iphone. Is it normal that some parts, when the part indicate pe 4 minutes, in really it is the double?
See workout:Smart Harder, better, faster stronger duration 1h 31min

Hi Luc,

That’s one of my favorite workouts, by the way. Can you make your workout public and share the link with us so we can take a look at the workout?

The “Intervals Under Fatigue” step shows that you must first ride at 30MMP to 90% MPA Reserve, and then ride at 95% LTP for 10:00. If you’re riding below 30 MMP, your MPA will drop slower than Xert predicts. To make up for this, Xert extends the interval to ensure that when the interval ends, you’re at 90% MPA Reserve. To prevent intervals from lasting an actual eternity, we implemented a maximum slowing down/speeding up of 50% (i.e. the interval can only be twice as fast - if above target power - or half as fast - if below target power). So, without seeing your workout, I suspect you were just a bit low on the 30MMP interval.

I make the executed workout public. Can you see it? I didn’t executed the last interval (fatigue). Y have to know that I see the wattage on my tacx screen. Tacx is registering the workout. On my iphone I see what I have to do and it is there that the time is doubler.

After making the workout public, you’ll need to include the link for us to be able to see the activity in Xert.

If you were below target power, then the work intervals may have been twice as long as originally calculated.

How do I include the activity link ? OK , OK : see next post

I come bach.
Now I used the Xert player on my Garmin 1030 outdoor. It worked well except the most heavy intervals: the screen indicates 8 minutes but in the count down every second was in real 2 seconds… What happens??