Workout with Wahoo Element

Hello, I´ve just open an account in XERT to test, and I see that´s not possible to use workout with my Wahoo Element.
Is there anything that I´m not doing right, or is not possible because any incompatibility??


Search this forum and weep - by now, I guess it safe to say that direct Xert pushing to Wahoo is NEVER going to happen.

There are probably some smart kids out there working on a workaround, as it should be possible to find out why the TCX doesn’t work, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

I went back to Garmin and have a whole different universe of problems, which basically keeps me from using Xert with my head unit altogether.

I should add that Xert is not to blame for either of these, Garmin or Wahoo related, issues…

A workaround is to use your phone.

Not while I’m cycling outdoors.

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Hold that thought…

I am aware of alternatives like that and they are great, but I’m not mounting my iPhone 11 Pro and I’m not buying another phone just as a cycling computer.

Let’s not reverse things - I’d rather see more universal solutions.


Unfortunately, if your current bike computer doesn’t have Xert features and isn’t likely to have them in the future, your only options are either to trade it in for a bike computer that does or potentially use a second device such as your phone for those situations where you want Xert features on the road. Opting to trade in your phone and your bike computer for a single device is now becoming a reasonable option and will be becoming more and more so over time.

I have an Edge 530 - that works, until Garmin ‘does’ something.

My bike computer, nor my phone, or my trainer (Tacx Neo) is not the problem.

It’s parties creating and/or protecting their own products and denying others, like Xert, to connect to them.

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Agreed. The future and ultimate solution is the rise of the single machine. :slight_smile:
Garmin Connect IQ is quirky and other brands offer nothing to support add-ins.
Besides, you need an OS like Android to take full advantage of what the Xert Player can do and visually display.
If the Karoo 2 does not pan out (history of over promising/under delivering) the Unihertz Atom looks like a serious contender. One device that will do everything I need (GPS, Xert Player, smartphone with NFC wallet, dual cameras, fingerprint unlock, tethers, USB-C/OTG, IP68, <250 USD). Hmm… what’s not to like? Okay, their bike mount sucks but I imagine a Garmin or GoPro adapter will show up on Shapeways soon enough.


Atom L is a bit bigger and likely is suitably big enough to be a phone and suitably small enough to be a bike computer. Hard thing to straddle. Cubot King Kong Mini is there too although battery life might be a bit too low for those doing 100k+ rides in the sun at full brightness. Haven’t yet tested it in sub-freezing temps. Not quite as feature rich too as the Atom.

The Atom is smaller than a Garmin 1030.
1030: 58 x 114 x 19 mm, 88.9 mm diagonal 282 x 470 pixels
Atom: 45 x 96.6 x 18.8 mm, 62.2 mm diagonal 240 x 432 pixels, Android 9, 4G
Is that too small of a screen to run the mobile app effectively?.
Atom L: 65 x 134.5 x 17.5 mm, 117 mm diagonal 1136 x 640 pixels, Android 10, 5G

Looks like this glue-on Garmin mount adaptor (32x32mm) will work with either model:

But I would definitely tether it. :wink:
Another option for the Atom L is a Quadlock Universal Fit (56x66mm adaptor) and they offer stem or out front mounts.