Workout with GCN video?

This is likely something basic I should know by now but just have not understood.

Week ago I got a recommendation for a workout with a GCN video which obviously had cadence targets for each section. I started that from EBC player, but got no hint about how to see the video, or where / what to use to see the cadence instructions w/o the video. Xertonline page for the excercise just told there is a video, but no name or anything, just mentioning GCN video.

So… what player / tool I an missing, how this should work? I have been just using the EBC player and a smart trainer.

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That GCN workout assumes you have their video running on YT in a browser window on your laptop/PC/tablet and EBC playing the workout on your phone.
In this case you would manually start the video as you start the workout on EBC.

Visit the Sessions Library on your laptop/PC/tablet to see the list of pre-defined sessions with Bike the World videos you can run on-demand.
Steps are –

  1. On your laptop/PC/tablet select a session with Play Now.
    That will launch the Session Player on your browser.
  2. Start EBC on your phone.
  3. Start the Session you selected on XO.
    That will start the workout on your phone and sync it will the Session Player running on your laptop/PC/tablet.

You can also create your own sessions that run with any YT video of your choice.
For example, you could pair a GCN video with a workout and add it to your personal library folder.
For that you would use Create Template button at the Sessions Library.

Thanks!!! This means I would need to search for the video in Youtube “manually”. I kind of got confused to get a recommendation without any link, there are quite a few GCN videos out there :grin:

Anyway thanks for explaining how this works, need to try it out!