Workout with garmin 520 and iphone player

Hi, new to all this and suffering a bit of information overload. I want to use the workouts on Zwift, I have a kickr snap, but use the data from my garmin power pedals, and the speed/cadence from the bike, all of which are Ant+. I did a workout tonight for the first time, and the iphone player showed nothing but the power figure from the kickr, i know this because it was reading higher than the Garmin pedals which i could see on my 520. Why would the player not pick up the info the 520 was getting?

Hi Triston. The iOS app is bluetooth only and your pedals are ANT+ only. For now, use the Xert Player for ConnectIQ and you’ll be able to run the workouts using the power from your pedals to control the trainer. Follow the setup process in the video. Have a look at the blog on using Zwift with Xert for additional help. Thanks for trying Xert!

Many thanks Armando, i prefer to ride training sessions with me in control rather than the trainer, I may try an Android tablet for something easier to see than the garmin screen, is there a list of tablets which are compatible?

There are literally thousands of tablets out there. Minimum Android Version 4.4 with Bluetooth and USB interface that supports OTG adapters (very few would like not support this) is the baseline. Some are reporting some strange issues on Version 8.0 that we’re looking into.

Ok thanks, one last thing, when the ipnone app was showing the kickr power, the training app didnt seem to run, no clocks, timers, or anything, just the power figure, should the app run with just power? or is there another reason for the workout not running?

Have a look at the video if you haven’t already. You’ll need to tap the record button after selelting the workout.

Hi thanks, I think it’s a connection problem, I’ve only got it to work once out of three attempts, I did see the Garmin show phone connecting and disconnecting on one of the failed attempts, I hate bluetooth haha, I do like Xert from what I’ve seen so far though :+1: