Workout Went Missing

I just finished a workout. It was there in my list of activities. I was trying to figure out how to get it to sync to strava… perhaps I did something in the process of trying to get it to sync but now it’s gone.
Is there any way of getting it back or pretend I did it?
Recorded on iPad through the app. Messing about in Safari on iPhone to try and get it to sync.

Hi @thesupermarket ,

Sorry to hear about your workout. Did your iPad have a network connection (WiFi or mobile data) when you finished the workout? Can you try swiping down from the top of the activities page and see if the ride is uploaded to your Xert account (and then to Strava)?

If not, perhaps leave a note for the tech support team via email so we can take a deeper look into it!


I was connected to wifi. However, my xert workouts were not yet set up to sync to strava. The ride disappeared while trying to set up the strava sync. No luck on refreshing the activities page with a down swipe on the iPad. I’ll see what support can do. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Found this. Sounds like it’s an issue with the app. Was there ever a resolution?

Not perfect but my workaround for the issue was to go to my planner calendar, search for the workout and drag it onto the date I completed it. It’s unclear but I believe xert now accounts for the workout, despite not having power data.