Workout upload failed from Android phone with wattbike

A workout (Let the sparks fly) didn’t upload for me today. There’s no evidence of it on my phone (Android Samsung S7 Active) nor can I find it online. The only evidence I have of the ridiculously high-cadence intervals I endured is a slightly strained glute.

This is only the second workout I’ve done and the other one was an Android tablet and much shorter. Both were done on the wattbike.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a temporary failure?

Interestingly, when I opened Xert on my phone this morning the activity showed up with an upload button. That seemed to work, but it included ten hours of inactivity, so it looks a bit weird.

Hi James,

It sounds like you may have tapped 'End Workout" when you had finished. This only stops the intervals from playing, but allows you to keep riding (and recording), which is useful for people that like lengthened cool downs, or need to finish recording the ride to get back home after training. When you’re completely done with your session, tap the timer in the bottom right and select ‘End Activity’. This will save/upload your ride.

You can edit the ride that you’ve completed to trim out the extra time afterwards using if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.

Super, thanks.

I guess I didn’t find the interface very clear. I’ve now realised I have to tap on the time.