Workout: too heavy

Until now I found that the workouts were very adjusted to the fitness signature. Yesterday I rode a workout which I have to finish: too heavy. I try to understand Xert. Now I see in the ‘Adaptive trainer’ that the proposed training is ‘Focus Type : Endurance (Interval Targets: 181W)’ What does this mean:

  1. That the maximum watts have to be around 181W?
  2. The average (the whole workout) must be around 181W?
    If it is the first answer: why are the proposed workout not in accordance with the fitness signature?
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There is a ? next to Focus Type, so the explanation given ( didn’t help?

When I see ‘Endurance’ as the focus, if I go outside, I try to stay below TP, I make sure that the Focus value on my Garmin stays at ‘–:--’. This has always got me the desired focus and workout intention when I upload my ride. Indoors I just pick one of the advised workouts if I have nothing pre-planned for the day.