Workout selection in Build phase

I’m a relatively new user and also new to structured training in general.I selected a moderate 1 improvement and Breakaway Specialist Athlete type to start with. I have completed the base training period and and just started week 2 of the build phase with an event date in April - although I just want get my fitness up for the time being.

I looked trough the help and am up to episode 8 of the podcast, so apologies if this get’s discussed in a later episode.

What i am not quite clear on yet is how to select the optimal workout for a day, especially higher intensity ones. After doing almost exclusively endurance type workouts during the base period (makes sense), I would think that at some time during the build phase higher intensity workouts are introduced. At least in general structured training plans. Does the adaptive training advisor do this automatically?

So far the suggested workouts seem to be the same as during the base phase, with increasing XSS goals. I noticed that the focus duration is going down in later weeks, so is that the time when HIT workouts begin automatically?

Or am I supposed to pick a day and do some HIT work on my own work for the advisor to be “primed” and start suggesting similar workouts in subsequent weeks?

Are there some examples of how an Adaptive Training Program develops through a cycle with the suggested workouts?


This chart explains what’s going to happen automatically using Puncheur as an example –
Program Phases – Xert (
Focus duration will change in blocks as you get closer to your target date.
Even when workouts are labeled Endurance you will notice focus duration can be different.
When you view Load More for recommended workouts you are presented with a list of twenty possibilities with the top four as closest match by focus and XSS. However, you can select any entry on that list. Variations are evident by viewing the profile charts and reading the details.
I make my decisions based on how I feel before the workout and whether I want to try something different. That is how I located some of my favorite workouts. Experimenting a bit will let you what you’re good at versus ugh, that was a lot harder than I anticipated. :slight_smile:

As far as athlete types go they are grouped into quadrants by focus duration –
Athlete Type – Xert (
Long descriptions are shown under Account Settings, Athlete Type then hover over each dot on the power curve.
Another way to experiment is to click Filters to right of Recommended Workouts and change athlete type to a different quadrant. That will definitely add variety but keep you on target.
To see how well you are performing by quadrant view your spider chart under Ranking.
That is also a quick way to compare your performance metrics to other Xert subscribers. It can help you decide whether to train a strength or a weakness.

As far as your HIIT question goes, XATA will learn a weekly pattern if you decide to train that way. For example, specific rest, easy, hard, and long days. That is where “Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Tuesdays as of 11:59 pm” comes into play. If you normally ride long on Sunday and rest on Monday, XATA will note that pattern for the following week. That’s how I tend to train in season when I can spend more time outdoors. Off season I lean towards random and mixing things up but with XATA weekly goals in mind (pacer needle between 11am-1pm).

BTW since you don’t have an actual TED you might decide to extend Build and change focus or start a “new” Base after your first TED (with a breather between). The crucial component is a solid base but once you have that you are free to wander.


Thanks, very helpful. I’ll keep experimenting and see how that goes.

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