Workout Selection during Base

I’m a little confused with the type of workouts being suggested for me during Base. I’ve got a TL of 101 built up mainly with long lowish intensity riding. These suggested workouts seem to have a lot of intensity for the Base period.

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I see your point.

Curious what color your stars are on Fitness Planner, & it looks like you Do Not have a big Training Defecit.

Stars are Blue with a deficit of 60 - virtually nothing.

If your status is fresh and you have a large built up TL, you’ll likely see more difficult workouts (i.e. ones with some intensity) ranked high in order to satisfy all the constraints. There are no easy endurance rides with a difficulty of 3.5 stars. You can scroll down and choose an easier workout without intensity but you’ll need to spend more training time then to close the improvement deficit.