Workout recommendations

XERT often recommends same workout. That I have done a few times already. It’s like it is always picking the same ones out of a selection of 3 or 4.

XATA provides a set of guidelines to consider rather than a specific workout.
Turn off Automatic selection which randomly selects from the top four.
Any of the top four are viable choices as are Load More (top twenty) or using Filter to change duration (more/less time to train today) or focus (athlete type) depending on your goals.
The left side of the XATA page also suggests an option for an outdoor free ride to focus which is performed through irregular intervals while monitoring some Xert data fields on your head unit (Garmin or EBC on an Android device).

What is your current status stars count?
A greater variety of workouts are available when you reach 2 stars and higher.
Also note selecting an endurance quadrant athlete type (TT, Century, Triathlete) will limit recommendations to endurance level workouts. For greater variety select a type in another quadrant such as GC Specialist.

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