Workout player will not login

I am having trouble logging in on the Workout Player on my Garmin 1030 plus.

Any advice will be appreciated… :slight_smile:

Hi Trygve,

Make sure you have the Garmin Connect Mobile app open & running on your mobile device before launching the Xert Workout Player on your Garmin. You’ll be prompted to sign into your Xert account via GCM. HTH!

Hi - this did help, but I than got the following error message (in the picture enclosed):

Any idea how this can be fixed?

I don’t have a 1030 Plus, but I read that Garmin released a firmware update to resolve a Connect IQ problem. Are you running with the latest firmware?

Hi @ManofSteele!
Thanks for the help so far. It worked perfectly - however in practice it is difficult to time when the various intervalls can be undertaken and on the Garmin it is difficult to go back and forth - hence making it immposible to get the intervall to start at the right moment (+/- a couple of seconds).
In the Xert App on the phone it is easy to jump back and forward between the intervals if need - and you can see what is coming next. Is it possible to get this view on the Garmin?


Here are the various control options with the Garmin player –

There are limits to what’s possible on the Garmin Connect IQ platform. The phone apps are much more capable for managing workouts.
If you can view a browser screen on a laptop/tablet while you run the workout on Garmin or phone app, you’ll see what’s coming up (and more) by using the Remote Player or Session Player.

Reference –
Using the Xert Remote Player – Xert (
Starter Guide: Xert Sessions – Xert ( (enhanced player; solo supported)